Local’s Tune Specials

Let’s face it, the Vail Valley is not always the most affordable spot on earth to live.  But it sure has it’s advantages, with two of the biggest being killer snow and smoking locals’ specials on tunes from Venture Sports!  Just about every shop in town has ski tuning equipment, but there’s only one Venture Sports tune ­

Voted “Best of Vail Valley” more than any other shop in the Valley.  We’ve tuned for X­Games medalists, Olympians, World Champions, Powder 8 Champs, local legends, kids, and everything in between.  If Venture Sports hasn’t tuned your skis, then you’re going too slow!  And all our tunes have a 100% money back guarantee.

Race Unlimited | New This 2019/2020 Ski Season
$500 Per Pair

1-3 Pair Season Pass Pack
This is an unlimited tune package for 1-3 pair of skis for the entire ski season.  You can drop them off every night if you want and we will do whatever is necessary to keep them looking like brand new and carving perfectly by the next morning.  With this package you are ensured that nobody will be passing you on the catwalks on the way out to your favorite stash in 2015­16.  Changing snow temps/ hit a rock and ruined that new structure/ hasn’t snowed for a week and it’s bomb proof on the hill?  None of this will concern you with a Seasonal Tune package.  Plus we will do binding adjust and tests on both pair of your skis because we all know we should do it every season, but most of us don’t.  $300 Per Pair

4 Pack Season Pass
The same as our 1-3 Pair package but for 4 or more pair of skis and includes bindings tests for all 4 pair.  $250 Per Pair

5 Punch Full Tune card ­
This gets you 5 of Venture Sports’ award winning full tunes on our Montana Saphir Pro Robotic tuning machine (the only one in the Valley).  Just enough tunes to keep your skis (and maybe a friend’s) performing better than new for the entire season.  Local’s price $325

Instructor 5 Punch Full Tune card ­

With 4 convenient drop off options to best serve you

Base Camp located at the top of Bridge Street 970­-477­-8095

Bachelor Gulch in The Timbers Bachelor Gulch 970-­845­-2425

Avon in the Avon Center next to Avon Liquor 970-949­1-318

The Tune Kitchen in the Comcast building Metcalf Rd 970­-949­-0728

Tune Skis at Avon Venture Sports