2018 Yeti SB5.5 Vail Mountain Bike Demo | Avon Venture Sports Ski & Bike Shop
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Yeti SB5.5

Yeti SB5.5

Yeti demo mountain bikes

The Colorado company’s new long-travel 29er was one of the most sought-after bikes in the state, and we are stocked with both rentals and new bikes for sale!

Among some there was a notion as if 29ers were at risk of fading away, relegated to Cross Country race courses and moderate terrain, where the 27.5” wheeled bikes were stepping up to center stage as the all around bike. This SB5.5 has debunked that notion by creating a long-travel 29er that is nimble and agile.  Yeti’s SB5.5 is the perfect Vail bike rental that’s meant to be able to handle everything from the rigors of the Enduro World Series to casual gondola laps or hitting one of our favorite local trails.

The Carbon series bike use a different carbon fiber layup along with different materials to create a bike that is a little more durable while still exceeding all of Yeti’s strength requirements. The Carbon series SB5.5 frame weighs approximately 250g more than the Turq series SB5.5 frame, something you will notice next time you are on a 3,000 foot gain ride.

You will not be able to conceal looks of amazement on your face, coming back to the shop having cleaned the most technically challenging climbing sections of your biking career.  Once the 29er wheels get rolling, the SB5.5 felt like a locomotive in its ability to maintain speed on less steep climbs and flat terrain.

The heart of Yeti’s suspension design seen on all of their bikes is the Switch Infinity system. Switch Infinity is made up of two Fox Kashima coated tubes that allow the main pivot point of the bike to move, allowing Yeti to control the wheel path of the rear wheel as it cycles through the suspension travel. This in affect allows Yeti to get exactly what they want out of the suspension design and allows you a ride that feels like you are in a luxury off road vehicle and not a 1970 CJ.

Stop in the shop and let us set you up with the bike rental experience like none you have ever had!

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