Pinarello GAN RS

Pinarello GAN RS

Anyone who know anything about road bikes knows Pinarello, these bikes are unmistakably beautiful and superbly functional, riding one of these will literally change the way you think of road biking.

GAN RS derives directly from the Dogma F8, but making the bike more obtainable to the average person by outfitting it with Ultegra componentry. With a slightly less rigid frame, thanks to a new type of high-strength carbon, which is slightly less stiff,
the bike is also more forgiving for long days in the saddle. The compromise in performance is something only a professional would notice. A recreational rider will apprecatie the balance between Pinarello performance and a little more comfort.

Built from the near perfect road bike the DOGMA F8: this little brother boasts the same asymmetry of the frame, although less extremist than F8. The Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheels are as high of quality a wheel as you will find on a bike in this price range and the integrated ONDA fork more than meet the needs of most riders.

If you want to experience Pinarello at a manageable price point this is the road bike for you.

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 Pinarello GAN RS Road Bike