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Armada skis Vail

Armada Ski Rental Vail

Armada skis has made a name for themselves by fully embracing the evolution of skiing by fusing the freedom of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing into the way it makes its skis. If you are looking for a ski rental for your Vail experience that will take you into the Back Bowls dropping cliffs on powder days and into the terrain park of blue bird days Armada is the ski for you.

armada arv84 ski rental vailArmada ARV 84

The Armada ARV 84 is designed for younger skiers who want a launch pad of a ski to boost big air in the pipe and park. Lightweight construction makes the ARV 84 easy to handle in the air, meaning easier to rotate and get the landing gear down when coming in big. A combination of lighter wood with more dense wood where needed create a ski that has power without being heavy. While the traditional positive camber engages the tip and tail giving you edge control on take off, crucial for today’s precision ariels, and that same hold is greatly appreciated on landing so the ski does not get squarely.

Length Tip Waist Tail Radius
142cm 120 84 109 13.5m
149cm 120 84 109 14.5m
156cm 120 84 109 15.5m
163cm 120 84 109 16.5m
170cm 120 84 109 17.5m
177cm 120 84 109 18.5m


armada tracer 98 ski rental vailArmada Tracer 98
The Armada Tracer 98 is the elite ski of this pioneering ski manufacturer. With the EST All Mountain Rocker this ski keeps it’s head up in fresh snow while the skis radical sidecut dimensions keep it nimble edge to edge on piste. Armada uses a combination of woods in their skis to create an experience that is powerful underfoot for physical skiing while ultra light at the tip and tail for efficiency. The beveled top-sheet further strengthens the ski giving it maximum stability without significant added weight. One of the things that really sets the Tracer apart is the Ti Binding Dampener, a matrix of rubber with titanal and rubber give the ski a smooth ride on hardpack, creating a ski that is a real quiver of one from the back of the mountain to the front.

Length Tip Waist Tail Radius
164cm 127 98 121 17m
172cm 130 98 121 17.5m
180cm 132 98 123 18m
188cm 133 98 124 18.5m


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