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Blizzard Ski Rental Vail

Blizzard brings decades of experience to their skis, and designs skis to fit gender, age and skier type maybe more than any other manufacturer out there. With our collection of Blizzard rentals we have something for everyone, the Black Pearl is designed specifically for woman, the Bonafide is the definition of a big mountain free ride ski, and the Rustler is a quiver of one for the skier who wants to ride the entire mountain. Built with new Carbon Flipcore D.R.T. construction combined with wood to gives the skis a forgiving edge leveled against tons of power.

Blizzard Demo Skis

blizzard black pearl ski rentalBlizzard Black Pearl
There is a reason the Black Pearl is the best selling women’s ski in the world, no other ski offers such a high performance ride on such a wide variety of terrain. Built on a wood core for a ski that is naturally strong then combined with a carbon layer for a smooth consistent flex and torsional rigidity, these characteristics are what give the ski such consistent performance characteristics, and consistency inspires confidence and a confident skier is a good skier. This ski will take you through tight bumps and let you navigate trees with ease. With a  88” waist the Black Pearl is great for mid deep powder days, if snows more than a foot we recommend you come in and get a dedicated powder ski, but other than that this ski will take you all over the mountain.

Available Lengths:
145 | 152 | 159 | 166 | 173

Dimensions of the 159 length:
110 | 88 | 126
Radius: 14.5m

blizzard bonafide ski rentalBlizzard Bonafide
With the Bonafide the name says it all, this ski if the authentic big mountain ski that can plow through variable snow, handle deep powder and be there for you when you stick a landing at hi speed. The Bonafide combines a rocker profile with an all-mountain sidecut to create a ski that can turn with precision while still float in fresh snow. This shape give the ski a more aggressive tip that provides better turn initiation, while more traditional flat tails help to improve stability and flotation. The two sheets of Titinal combined with the Carbon Flipcore gives the Bonafide a stable ride at high speed, so you don’t have to worry about chatter and the ski skidding out of a turn.

Available Lengths:
166 | 173 | 180 | 187

Dimensions of the 159 length:
119.5 | 98 | 135.5
Radius: 19m

blizzard rustler 9 ski rental vailBlizzard Rustler 9
The Rustler 9 is one of our all time favorite all-mountain free-ride sticks that wants to ski everything the mountain can throw at it. Built on two signature Blizzard concepts, the Carbon Flipcore D.R.T Technology and an innovative waist shape that gives ambitious freeriders and all-mountain skiers more float and versatility on all types of terrain. The rocker-camber-rocker profile is smooth as butter and makes the ski responsive and stable yet super playful in all snow conditions. Featuring Duratec, this is the use of a thicker textured surface combined with maximum edge radius and aluminum tip protectors to contribute to the durabilty and longevity of your skis. The Rustler 9 is the one-ski quiver for the progressive all-mountain free-ride skier.

Available Lengths:
164 | 172 | 180 | 188

Dimensions of the 159 length:
117 | 94 | 127.5
Radius: 17m

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