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Head skis makes a complete line of quality skis with something for everyone, whether you are an intermediate skier who wants a ride that makes skiing easy, or you are a expert skier with thousands of skier days under your feet and want a ski that can handle expert terrain and demanding terrain. Take a look at our Head Vail ski rental fleet and find the ski that is right for you, and don’t worry you can always swap out skis based on how you feel day to day.

head absolute vail ski rentalHead Absolute Joy

The Absolute Joy is one of the most popular skis in our Vail ski rental fleet for several reasons, but the biggest one is that it is designed for beginner to intermediate skiers, and also skiers who do not get 100 day pins. The reason being is this ski is designed to make skiing easy by putting an emphasis on balance and control.

Thanks to the Titanal and Graphene layers the Absolute Joy has a solid and responsive feel that makes the ski easy to handle and inspires confidence in your skiing, something you will appreciate if you only get one week on the mountain a year. The synthetic injected core is supported with ABS sidewalls so the ski is light, making it easy to maneuver while the ABS keeps the ski stable and chatter free when you do get your legs under you and let it rip. With a soft longitudinal flex coupled with a super responsive torsional flex the ski respond well to your commands and will initiate a turn with ease.

We recommend the Absolute Joy for skiers looking to cruise blue groomers and take on intermediate bump runs, once you are ready to step up to black diamonds or if it snows over a foot while you are here come back in the shop and swap these out for a pair of Supershape Titan of Total Joy!

head supershape titan vail ski rentalHead I.Titan

The Supershape I.Titan is designed for softer snow, whether it be deep powder or soft spring snow, if you want something that has both the float you need to stay on top and the power you need to push through the pow this is your ski. Head skis are made with some of the most sophisticated materials known to man, which pays off in dividends when you get a ski that is light and stable. GRAPHENE is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom. The Graphene WC sandwich Cap construction of the I.Titan is where this ski gets this power and what gives it that great balance of control with a sense of ease. The balanced mix of light Graphene with extra titanal layers creates a ski with the most extreme agility and responsiveness for the ultimate in performance.

head total joy vail ski rentalHead Total Joy

The Total Joy gives woman skiers a go to ski for expert terrain on packed powder and light powder days. The Graphene KOROYD Carbon Construction was developed with Graphene, KOROYD and CARBON and is guaranteed to be the lightest ski in the world. On piste, it ticks all the boxes for an outstanding carver that craves speed. Off-piste in open terrain, the short radius makes you quick and agile. In any event, the combination of light weight, stability and performance is your idea of a winner. It makes the Total Joy your versatile, multi-talented equipment choice. Although it is light it does not compromise on performance. This is the ultimate construction for a high performing women ski.

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