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K2 is one of the most awarded ski manufactures year after year with loads of accolades from Ski Magazine, Backcountry, Freeskier, Powder Magazine, On The Snow and more. The Pinnacle series as well as the women’s Luv series have lead the revolution of the free ride category and can be found hucking cliffs in Squaw and ripping big mountain linees in Alaska. The K2 ski boots have set themselves apart as well by winning 3 Best Of Categories for 2019. With everybody reporting the performance of this legendary ski maker we are pretty sure they will be ideal for you as your Vail rental ski.

K2 Ski Rental Vail

k2 endless love ski rentalK2 Endless Luv

The K2 Endless Luv is designed to fit a large portion of our clientele at our Vail ski shop, an intermediate ski that can flow on wide open slopes and carve committed lines through threes with confidence inspiring grace.

Built with BIOkonic Technology this ski is at the forefront of female specific skis. This is a comprehensive shift in how the ski is made to perform for the way a woman skis, changes have been made to the flex profile and materials used in the ski, all to have the ski respond to a woman’s weight and center of gravity. The BioKonic Coare places dense materials over the edges of the ski to assist in driving the edge into the snow for a confident turn with softer materials in the center of the ski to reduce weight. Additionally the mounting point is moved forward to bring the skier more over the ski.

K2 has relied on the women’s Alliance team of testers to come up with a ski that has ballanced the sidecut, the ship and the flex to come up with the perfect ski for the intermediate to expert ski who wants a ski that performs without having to work too hard.

k2 ikonic 84 ski rentalIkonic 84

The Ikonic 84 is built for the expert skier who likes to make turns with power and finesse. Buy harnessing the responsiveness of carbon with a Fir & Aspen wood Konic core K2 has delivered a ski that can tackle any terrain the resort has to offer. The fir being a dense wood gives the ski its strong and stiff properties for solid edge performance while the Aspen keeps the ski light and snappy. The All Terrain rocker is a minimalist rocker with a low rise in the tail with a longer gradually rising tip, this combination is ideal for quicker turn initiation and responsiveness.

The durable TwinTech Sidewalls create a tougher ski that performs more consistently for the life of the ski. The Ikonic is going to be one of the best skis in our Vail rental fleet for the 2019 ski season.

k2 pinnacle 85 ski rentalPinnacle 85

The K2 Pinnacle 85 is a fun, versatile and balanced ski that is ideal for taking your skiing to the next level.

One of the reasons for that is the playful nature experienced through every turn, so easy and responsive, they make skiing on groomed slopes fun, especially in softer snow conditions. The Konic aspen wood core has a low swing weight for a nimble ride that is forgiving and playful, while the Hybritech sidewalls protect the sensitive areas of the ski and provide bite and precision underfoot.

By having heavier material towards the edges of the ski you get a lower swingweight and with that easier maneuverability. The Tapered Tip and Tail keeps the Pinnacle 85 from getting tied up in snow or moguls letting you stay focused on the turn.

Not full on freeride skis, they are limited at speed in deeper powder snow conditions but in place you get a ski that excels on everyday conditions bashing bumps and skiing the trees. Open up the mountain and heighten your skiing fun this winter on the K2 Pinnacle 85 Skis.

K2 Thrilluvit 85 ski rentalThrilluvit 85

The K2 Thrilluvit 85 is designed to bridge two different worlds, the all mountain aggressive downhiller with the playful freeride revolution.
This is an ideal rental ski for talented female skiers who take advantage off all the natural features the mountain has to offer, but sometimes want to straight-line it down the Headwall of Sun Up Bowl!

K2 is able to create a ski that can perform like this by combing design features like the Hybrid Sidewall Construction and Bioflex Conic Technology that bring different performance characteristics together. The Hybrid Sidewall give the Thrilluvit accuracy and power while the Bioflex Conic keels the ski light and nimble. All of this technology makes it great time to be a skier!

The all terrain rocker profile and 85 mm waist of the Thrilluvit will be perfect for packed powder and smaller powder days, stop in and swap them out if we get over 8 inches. The profile of this ski is going to allow you to dial in your turns and be playful with the mountain.

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