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Kastle has become synonymous with powerful aggressive skies, and with powerful aggressive skiers, check out their athlete line up, with backcountry pioneers including the first woman to ski all of Colorado’s 14ers Christy Mahon and legendary international alpinist like David Lama. These athletes  who charge hard on steep technical lines in big mountain terrain depend on their skis with their lives, and they depend on Kastle. Their line up of skis delivers this same performance needed for big mountain skiing to all aspects of skiing from bashing bumps to arcing turns on corduroy.

kastle fx85 vail ski rentalKastle FX85

Looking for a ski that can chomp in some morning powder and spend the afternoon easily chewing up variable snow the FX85 is it. When skiing the FX, you are truly free to do as you like taking full advantage of the mountain, its playfulness and float combined with confidence and stability. If you have ever ridden a pair of Kastle skis you know they are a truly fun ski to ride, they are the perfect choice when you don’t know what the conditions will be, but know you want to have fun on the whole mountain.

With a softer flex to accommodate a variety of terrain and Dual Rise rocker to give it the free ride playful characteristic. Kastle has been a pioneer in the ski industry for years, and they continue to do so with their Silver Fir and Beechwood core layered with Fiberglass, this combination has allowed Kastle do deliver some of the most powerful ski made. Which is why professional big mountain skiers rely on Kastle when they ski do or die terrain.

Just like the their innovative use of materials, Kastle has design specs like its Elliptical Radius that allows the ski to aggressively enter and exit turns, and Low Camber where the ski center is slightly elevated and the contact points are moved toward the ski center. The effective edge is consequentially less, and the ski is more playful and forgiving.

If you are an advanced skier who wants a ski that if you know how to command it can deliver, then the Kastle FX85 is going to be your ski rental of choice for Vail Mountain.

kastle mx 89 vail ski rentalKastle MX 89

The MX 89 is built on a history of racing technology turned to focus on big mountain skiing. Using proven technologies and the finest materials Kaslte creates unique skis from the homeland of skiing in Austria. Their sandwich sidewall construction is a sophisticated approach that combines Titanal, Fiberglass and Silver Fir and Beech woods. This combination has proven to create a strong and snappy ski that responds to the skier but still dominates the mountain.

Starting this year Kastle is equipping all their skis with the larger HOLLOWTECH 2.0, with the size of each Hollowtech adapted to individual model lines. Kästle uses uncompromisingly high quality UHM Graphite Sintered Bases for their skis that are made for racing so you get a smooth riding and durable base.

One of our favorite features is the camber of the MX 89, the ski center is clearly elevated and the contact points to the snow are far forward and back. The effective edge is longer and the ski initiates turns more quickly and precisely.

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