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Nordica designs skis for those who embrace the entire mountain creating the most versatile and advanced line of skis ever made. Balanced skis that are at home laying down turns on groomers, plowing through crud, and floating effortlessly in powder. Backed by a team off freeskiing and racing Nordica continues to raise the standards of ski performance year after year. Built on full wood cores that are sandwiched between two sheets of metal, Nordica skis deliver exceptional stability and power while still offering a smooth and playful ride. Nordica has won plenty of accolades and no shortage of admirers and we are confident you will be beyond happy with these as your next Vail ski rental.

Nordica Ski Rentals Vail

nordica skis enforcerNordica Enforcer

The Enforcer 93 is designed to make quick turns thanks to a narrower waist. Making this ski a favorite among skiers who spend most of their time on trails and who love to be on their edge. With a full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal you get a ski that offers incredible stability with almost no vibrations at any speed for an exceptionally smooth ride. If you are looking for a Vail ski rental that provides exceptional edge hold to inspire confidence and carves out powerful and precise turns this is your ski. Not to be limited the Enforcer readily absorbs bumps has good floatation in soft snow up to about 4 inches, above that come in and lets get you into a powder ski. With a modern early rise tip and tail rocker this ski will help you elevate your skiing on your next ski trip!

nordica skis navigatorNavigator 90

Nordica has taken design elements from three different collections of skis and mashed them together into the Navigator leaving us with some relatively unique skis, creating a symbiotic balance of power and playfulness the Navigator is designed to tame the mountain. With a 90mm waist this ski can take on a powder day with ease as well as bash through variable snow with a smooth ride. The Nordica Hex Bridge construction is comprised of a wood core and a matrix of lightweight of metal and gives the Navigator excellent edge hold and response by dampening vibration to give you full control of the ski. With an early rise tip and a squared off tail the ski is made to turn with stability and power. The Navigator 90 delivers a responsive ride and a snappy feel on groomed slopes with a moderately short turn radius that allows you to make quick carving turns. This is going to be a great rental ski for skiers who like to carve the mountain in all conditions and on all terrain, from groomer to bumps to trees, a classic skiers ski.

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