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Nordica Ski Rental

Nordica ski rental Vail

Nordica is legendary in the ski industry for building the best performing and highest quality skies made. Their motto “Performance is the First, Second and Third criteria for anything we build” is backed by the loyal devotion to a world of die hard Nordica fans.

Started in 1930 Nordica was quickly building skis that were winning World Championships in both downhill and slalom. As the times changes so did Nordica and today they deliver a fully integrated balance improvement system that incorporates the boots, bindings and skis.

Supported by a team of racing and freeskiing athletes Nordica continues to raise the standards of ski performance year after year.


Nordica Ski Rentals Vail

Nordica Demo Skis

nordica rental skis enforcerNordica Enforcer 93
Designed with a narrower waist the Enforcer 93 is built to make quick turns edge to edge, making it a favorite among skiers who love to go fast on groomed trails. Built with a full wood core layered between two sheets of metal the Enforcer is not going to be the lightest ski we offer but you can expect exceptional stability and hard charging performance. This build also dampens vibrations for an impressively smooth ride, the kind that encourages you to let it rip on World Cup runs like Birds of Prey.

On variable off-piste terrain the Enforcer 93 offers a smooth and damp ride with a nice even and supple flex. Additionally it is exceptionally forgiving with exceptional edge hold to inspire confidence as you absorb bumps and charge through crud. With a slight early rise tip and tail rocker you get good floatation on medium powder days.

The ABS Sidewalls help dampen hard landings while decreasing vibration fatigue, and the UHMW Base of Graphite Electra combined with Nordica;’s burly Energy 2 Titanal construction make this metal and wood cored charger a true joy to ride. Rent these from any of our Vail ski shop locations and let us carry them to the slopes for you so all you have to do is keep up with this ski!


nordica ski rental enforcer 100Nordica Enforcer 100
The new Enforcer 100 is 100mm underfoot, stiffened by two sheets of titanal, rockered, powerful, playful, similar to a Bonafide or Mantra, two of the most popular skis in the industry. What makes these skis feel so great is they do what you tell them and drive the snow, not the other way around. This does come with a little extra weight but if you are not hiking with them you will hardly ever notice.

The construction of the Enforcer is derived from the World Cup skis and provides the most precise flex curve as well as amazing power transmission, torsion resistance, and rebound in all conditions. Making this ski work welling quick edge to edge turns while skiing bumps and when plowing through chopped up snow, this ski will not let you get tossed around.

With the 100mm underfoot this ski also has enough float to handle all but the biggest powder days, the width is supported a by tip and tail rocker to aid the camber under foot and keep you afloat in the fresh.

Choose the Enforcer 100 as your Vail ski rental and enjoy top to bottom fun in all kinds of conditions, these skis shred it all!


nordica ski rental santa ana 93Nordica Santa Ana 93
With a slimmer waist designed into Nordica’s All Mountain camRock construction that gives the ski a slight tip and tail rocker to aid the camber under foot which increases floatation, velocity and maneuverability you get a ski that is made for the of spring skiing on soft bumps or holding an edge on hardback snow. This is not a powder ski and for a reason, is performs on the rest of the days of the ski season.

The new core is based on the ENERGY 2 Titanium construction, modified using a super lightweight balsa wood core. With this construction you get the high performance feel of metal with the lightweight advantage of the balsa core. The result is significantly increased ease of turn initiation in any conditions, inspiring confidence when skiing the trees or tight committing bump lines. This increases maneuverability and forgiveness make this a ski that many of our clientele report improve their skiing.

This is a women’s specific ski and is the perfect ski rental for any woman who wants something that will let them take on the entire mountain in any conditions.


nordica ski shop astral 84Nordica Astral 84
Thanks to a super lightweight balsa wood core the Astral 84 from Nordica is super lightweight giving you a ski that is lightweight and playful while still having some teeth to tackle the mountain. With exceptional edge hold and response in tight turns the Astral’s Hex Bridge construction with a lightweight matrix of metal makes the ski stabile and easy to control while reducing vibrations for an exceptionally smooth and balanced ride. With early rise tip and tail the ski easily initiates and exits tight turns in bumps and offers increased versatility in mixed conditions.

Combining the freeride inspired design of the Santa Anna with the hardpack construciotn of the Sentra series, the Astral creates its own category, a ski that is comfortable in soft snow yet carve and hold an edge superbly, too.

Rent this ski between storms when you want to go out and play in the bumps and work on making that perfect ski turn.

With 5 Vail ski shop locations and the original ski rental delivery service we have you covered wherever you spend your next Vail ski vacation.

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