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Rossignol is legendary for their passionate commitment to creating mountain tools that let you enjoy the thrill of the mountains. From skis and boots to helmets and bags.

Their team consists of some of the world’s best athletes who provide constant feedback that combined with a strong brand culture you get skis that combine technology with heart. For 2019 ski season Rossignol has once again broken  skis boundaries with innovation and technology. Creating products that enhance your skiing experience.

Rossignol Vail Ski Rentals

rossignol experience 74 skis vailExperience 74

We brought the Experience 74 into our Vail ski shop this year because it is the perfect introductory ski for all-mountain progression because it offers immediate comfort on any snow type. The all-terrain rocker profile and extended sidecut blend work together perfectly to create a ski that is easy to turn, on both the initiation of the turn and the exit of the turn. Classic construction including the Poplar wood core with Cap construction delivers a ski that is made first to ski in harmony with the mountain, as opposed to some freeride skis that are built largely for getting and landing aerials. With Rossignol’s new Air Tip VAS and LCT construction you get easy, comfortable all-mountain performance with confident steering and effortless speed control, everything you need to get comfortable on the mountain.

Rossignol Experience Ti 88 skis vailExperience Ti 88

Experience all-mountain freedom from Rossignol skis with the Experience Ti 88, whether arcing high-speed carves on corderoy groomers oo exploring further into the back bowls. This ski is one of the most versatile women’s all-mountain skis made, blending the heart of a high-performance carving machine with a freeride modified profile for more playful movement with grace. Race-developed LCT combines with Air Tip VAS for confident power, stability and control in any conditions, combined with autoturn rocker technology you will be comfortable on all types of snow. If you love the slopes but are open to going of the groomed runs when conditions allow and want a versatile ski that can take you to all these places the Experience is going to be the perfect ski rental for your Vail ski vacation.

Rossignol Experience 76 Ci skis vailExperience 76 Ci

Built on an all-mountain capable shape, profile and construction, the Rossignol Experience 76 Ci skis are built with Rossignol s intuitive progressive sidecut and all new Line Control technology that maintains a fluid and stable ride at speed. Making the the EXPERIENCE 76 Ci the perfect all-mountain ski on every aspect of the resort. By blending on trail and freeride profiles with Rocker construction, Rossignol’s new All-Terrain Rocker profile delivers a more balanced blend of hard snow precision and soft snow playfulness for easier skiing. With longer, more progressive tip and early rise tail profiles these skis deliver easy, comfortable all-mountain performance with confident steering and effortless speed control.

Constructed with carbon reinforcements that add snap and torsional rigidity to the damp and forgiving poplar wood core, the Rossignol Experience 76 Ci skis are a perfect rental ski for the intermediate to advanced skier who is ready for a ski that requires a little power and experience to control but that rewards those with the skill and strength to do so.

rossignol experience 94 ti skis vailRossignol Experience 94 Ti

Cross every boundary and know no limits. with the brand new Experience 84 from Rossignol, created for all-terrain adventure on every piece of the mountain the all-new EXPERIENCE 94 Ti is a manly all-mountain ski for advanced to expert skiers. Rossignol’s pinnacle all-mountain chassis features a central rail that eliminates counter-flexing, a Titanal reinforced construction for high speed stability and power, and tried and true full length sidewalls for the best made skis from anyone. With their race inspired new Air Tip VAS technology for ultimate stability and control combined with a freeride inspired profile offers you get playful fluidity to drift, smear, float, and carve wherever the snow takes you.

Looking to slice and dice the entire mountain the Rossignol Experience 94 Ti are the right skis to rent for your Vail ski experience. Enjoy total confidence and control at the highest speeds, just about anywhere on the mountain.

rossignol smash 7 ski rental vailSmash 7

The Rossignol Smash 7 skis are a versatile package for the riders of all ages that simply want to grab their setup and go in any conditions. Delivering the 7 Series’ award-winning blend of versatility and float, the SMASH 7 features an accessible, lightweight construction for enhanced agility and Rossignol’s exclusive Powder Turn Rocker profile for effortless freeride performance. This skis freeride rocker profile provides plenty of float for pow days and easy turn initiation for days between storms. With a responsive and poppy poplar and fiberglass core the skis responds extremely well to your every command.

Rossignol soul7 ski rental vailSoul 7

The most innovative, popular, and , the all-new SOUL 7 HD blends instinctive versatility and ease-of-use with progressive freeride performance.

Rossignol added a Carbon Alloy Matrix to their best-selling Rossignol Soul 7 HD skis and in doing so created one of the most playful freeride ski in the world. Featuring the all-new Air Tip 2.0 and with 106mm underfoot the SOUL 7 HD is lighter, and more powerful than ever, giving you uncompromising versatility to go wherever the snow takes you. The Air Tip design is what makes the Soul 7 so unique and gives it even improved dampness and decreasing deflection while reducing swing weight, making it hold an edge better while at the same time making it easier to maneuver in the air..

The Soul 7 HD remains comfortable across the entire mountain whether in soft snow where their flotation friendly rocker profile and tapered tip and tail let you turn without having to fight the ski, to hardback where the short sidecut directly underfoot lets you carve on anything. There’s a reason the Soul 7 has been a one of our best ski rentals since its introduction, and it’s about time you discovered it’s easy to ski, freeride design for yourself!

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