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Rossignol Ski Rental

rossignol Vail ski rentals

Rossignol is a true legend in the ski industry, and 2017 marks 100 years of their passionate commitment to create mountain tools that let you enjoy the thrill of the mountains.

With a team of the world’s best athletes providing constant feedback combined with a strong brand culture to create skis that combine technology with heart this years skis break boundaries with innovation and technology. Creating products that enhance your skiing experience.

Rossignol Vail Ski Rentals

Rossignol Demo Skis

Rossignol Experience 88 Vail Ski RentalRossignol Experience 88
Layered with a sandwich of poplar wood between to layers of carbon alloy this ski is exceptionally light thanks to the carbon with a lot of snap provided by the wood. The wood core also keeps the ski stable as it moves from edge to edge thanks to what is known as torsional stiffness. The carbon alloy “dampens” the ski preventing chatter at high speeds and allowing the ski to drive through choppy conditions and not be tossed around.The shape of the ski is inspired by race skis that are made to hold an edge at high speeds but the Experience 88 is built with construction methods of an all mountain ski. This results in an unique skiing experience, one that go from carving groomers to skiing bumps with equal agility. All this and we recommend this as a Vail ski rental for medium powder days up to about 6 inches of fresh snow.

The subtle tail and tip rocker that compliments the medium waist width, by not trying to take on too much this ski excels at what it does want to do. The EXP 88 was designed for expert skiers but the forgiveness of the ski make if ideal for intermediates as well. The way this ski holds an edge it will actually make you a better skier.


Rossignol Soul 7 HD Ski Rental VailRossignol Soul 7 HD
The Soul 7 HD made a name for itself by being one of the original rockered skis built specifically for powder skiing. The popularity of this ski is unprecedented and it became legendary for bringing powder skiing to the masses. Built with Rossignols signature technology, honeycombed Air Tip fore and aft has been improved on once again and is better integrated and better looking this year. Air Tip still helps to concentrate the mass of the ski underfoot, reducing swing weight in a way that makes it a lot quicker and easier to pivot than other skis of this width.

With a Carbon Alloy Matrix that gives the Soul 7 a much increased torsional stiffness and stability under foot the ski handles better on more terrain than previous years. The turn radius is a touch long as well again contributing to this ski handling better in conditions besides blower pow.

The Soul 7 HD will be an excellent rental ski for the Back Bowls of Vail on a powder day, as a favorite among intermediate to advanced skiers who want an approachable powder ski that performs extremely well in fresh snow.


Rossignol Smash 7 Ski shop VailRossignol Smash 7
The Smash 7 is a newer mid fat ski from the legendary Rossignol made with Powder Turn Rocker that lets you effortlessly handle these skis in deep snow. The Centered Sidecut provides the all mountain versatility and edging power usually not found in other wide waisted skis with a rockered profile. The 92 mm waist width, relatively long turn radius, and tip and tail rocker set it apart from most skis in this price range quite significantly and give it drastically increased performance in soft snow and variable terrain compared to more groomer-bias skis. Built with a lightweight wood core to stay nimble and easy to handle in various conditions this ski is going to be a go to rental for easy-cruising intermediate to advanced riders who want a ski that can handle all the terrain Vail has to offer.


Rossignol Sassy 7 Vail Ski shopRossignol Sassy 7
With a 92mm waist that provides control and stability when the groomers have some crud on them, fresh snow or smooth corduroy, this ski responds, positively skips, and turns effortlessly. The Rossitop Cap Construction is very lightweight, forgiving and easy to control for a skier still trying to hone her technique by providing lightness, lift, ease and control.

Light and stable, yet comfortable at speed, the Sassy 7 is a no-nonsense all-mountain setup that can handle snow thanks to its Powder Turn Rocker, a blend of longer, lower tip rocker, tapered tail profile, and traditional camber underfoot.

Not much else matches up to the truly liberating experience of skiing great skis and the Sassy provides that. Grab these from our Vail ski shop for no holds barred fun

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