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Since 1923 Völkl has stood for unlimited passion for skiing and making the skis that mountain town locals swear by. Based in Straubing, Völkl is the largest manufacturer of skis in Germany, and as everyone knows the German attention to detail and quality is lefendary. 

Volkl is known for creating performance-oriented skis for hard charging skiers of every age that are built to be forgiving and easy to ski. Allowing skiers to ski harder and longer, not just for the day but for the entire season.

Volkls skis are made with a Titanal frame that gives excellent edge power, a very strong mounting platform and superior dampening over the full length. Known to create performance-oriented skis for demanding skiers of every age that are nevertheless built to be forgiving and to reduce exertion. They utilize superior technology like 3D.GLASS is Völkl’s latest development to furthermore improve overall ski performance and stability even in critical snow conditions.

These are just a few of the ways that Volkl is leading the industry, try a pair on you next Vail ski vacation and see what a Volkl ski rental can do for your skiing experience.

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Volkl Demo Skis

volkl vail ski rental flairVolkl Flair 76

The FLAIR 76 is an easy handling ski that with just the right amount of tip Rocker helps you initiate a turn while the camber on the rest of the ski provides rebound and some extra control as you exit a turn, making this a perfect ski for skiers looking to improve. You get direct and immediate power transmission with partial sidewalls in the center of the ski, combined with the superslim 3D.Ridge construction.

Cap construction on the tip and the tail increase the forgiveness and easy steer-ability without you having to put too much effort or energy into your skiing further making this a great ski for the intermediate to advanced skier who wants a grip on the snow that will not hinder your improvement on the slopes. If this is your first trip to Vail, or if you want to get a few days under your legs before moving on to a more advanced ski, the Flair 76 is going to be your go to ski rental.

volkl vail ski rental flair 79Volkl Flair 79

The Flair 79 is an evolution of the 76, made for advanced skiers but still accessible with loads of versatility and and easy handling characteristics. The Dual Wood Core is Powered by Steel that gives the ski strength and power making it ideal for the advanced to expert skiing woman who want stability and easy turning on the groomers. With a 79mm platform under foot you get a ski that feels balanced but it is still light so you also get a ski without feeling too demanding or heavy so you can be out skiing from bell to bell. The new 3D.RIDGE construction with a short sidewall in the mid-body of the ski delivering fantastic edge grip and flex characteristics giving you power transmission usually reserved for more expensive models. Cap construction in the tip and tail allow for some forgiveness and weight reduction. With a thinner profile over the edges of the skis and a thicker channel that runs down the center of the ski that lowers the amount of energy it takes to maneuver the ski and carve a turn. If you are looking for a smooth and stable ski designed to turn well on the frontside of the mountain and does not require excessive energy to make the ski turn, the Volkl Flair 79 is going to be your Vail ski rental choice.

volkl vail ski shop kamaVolkl Kama

The Volkl Kama makes a great ski for the intermediate to advanced skier who wants a versatile ride on the frontside of the mountain that can handle some light off trail skiing when conditions are right for you. It’s lightweight, uses a subtle amount of tip rocke that should be versatile across varying terrain and snow conditions. Let’s see what our testers thought of it, all of whom tested the 161 cm length. Volkl’s Multi-Layer Woodcore is packed with energy and stability to keep you turning and burning as you carve some medium radius turns. The Kama shares the same sidecut dimensions as the previous version of the Yumi and uses a multi-layer wood core with no metal. Rocker in the tip engages the Kama into turns with little effort, while camber underfoot delivers rebound and energy into your next turn. With Volkl’s full length sidewalls you get increased torsional strength that translates into a ski with a firm grip on tough conditions with. An 83mm waist is very nimble and edgy, and fully capable of rolling over crud. Lightweight skiers will appreciate that they don’t have to drive the ski exceptionally hard, while less experienced skiers will find it very user-friendly and forgiving.

volkl m5 mantra skisMantra M5

Volkl is introducing the 5th generation of their popular all-mountain ski, the Mantra, calling it the “Mantra M5.” When the Mantra first hit the scene, it was revolutionary. One of the first skis to lend experienced skiers confidence in virtually any snow conditions, and now in its 5th generation, the Volkl M5 Mantra Skis continue to build upon their all-mountain dominance. The new Mantra M5 features a rocker-camber-rocker profile, which is a significant departure from the current, full reverse camber version.

The iconic Mantra was the first ski of its kind to master everything from powder to ice with ease introducing the next all mountain benchmark and none of this is lost in the new version. An all new Titanal Frame technology leverages strategically cut out layers of metal that run the perimeter of the ski, but forego a continuous full-sheet of metal in favor of substantial weight savings. This intricate construction is lighter in weight, with the same damping properties as a full sheet of metal. Its new shape is 134-96-117mm, with a tightened radius of 19.8m in size 177. Not only do the new M5 Mantras retain the same powerful edge and charge-through-anything feel of their predecessors, but they’re now significantly lighter for nearly effortless turn initiation and all-day performance. Yet another new performance standard for all mountain freeride skis.

Volkl RTM 79Volkl RTM 79

Advanced skiers will love the versatility and and easy handling of the new RTM 79. The XTD Tip and Tail Rocker makes the RTM 79 highly maneuverable and quick into and out of turns with agility and stability. Its shape is dedicated to skiing variable conditions on the groomers, with a 79mm platform under foot providing easy balance, and the new 3D.RIDGE construction with a short sidewall in the mid-body of the ski delivering fantastic edge grip and flex characteristics. The Dual Woodcore XL is Powered by Steel to deliver a smooth and responsive ride on the frontside of the mountain. Volkl’s 3D Ridge Construction uses a raised ridge in the center of the ski that lowers the amount of inertia required to roll the ski into tighter carves. A Central Sidewall Construction adds forgiveness by having a cap construction in the tip and tail which is easier to turn and drive an edge into firm conditions.

volkl rtm 84Volkl RTM 84

The RTM 84 from Volkl makes a strong ski for advanced to expert skiers who want power and a high amount of maneuverability. If you value frontside carving performance, but want a wider waist width than traditional carving skis that is powered by Steel the 3D Ridge Core and has a damp and powerful ride, without feeling too heavy on your feet then this is your ski. With 3D.RIDGE construction, our WideRide XL binding system with GripWalk compatibility, extended Tip and Tail Rocker with camber under foot, and UVO technology, the RTM 84 puts the skier in total control. The UVO Dampening System provides better ski to snow contact by absorbing negative vibrations on three different axis to make for one smooth ride. 3D Glass incorporates glass in the tip and tail, underneath the binding platform and behind the sidewalls for an energetic snap, improved edge grip and added responsiveness to your skiing.

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