Bike Fitting

Venture Sports is serious about cycling, to help our customers be the best they can be, and perform at their highest possible level while enjoying the ride we have on staff one of the country’s best bike fitters, John Phillips. John’s goals include making sure you are comfortable on the bike, which makes you happier and allows you to ride more.

Improving biomechanics to reduce risk of injury and improve power to the pedals will make you faster and allowing you to ride longer by maximizing efficiency.

Who needs a bike fit? You would be surprised, even casual enthusiasts can see great benefits from professional bike fit. Serious riders will not only see improved performance but can lengthen their career and reduce back and knee pain that can be associated with an improperly fitted bike.

Our bike fitting process is all about you. We start by listening to you and learning about you, your body, your goals and how and where you ride. We want to make sure we fit your bike for your skill level, athletic ability and type of riding. Next we do a pre-fit analysis of you body, check flexibility, range of motion, core strength, alignment and more. All of these factors influence how we fit a bike to each individual; bike fitting is not a one size fits all process.

Then we get you on the bike and take measurements, adjust saddle height, saddle position and handlebars to ensure you are operating on the correct geometry.

Once you are aligned properly we move onto the 3D aspect where we look at knee tracking and optimize hip-foot alignment to minimize bad body mechanics. The foot should be fully supported to act like a rigid lever to get the maximum power to the pedals.

Our ultimate goal is to help you become a stronger and more efficient cyclist, and be happier on your bike!

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